Engineering services in PCB design, embedded software, and mechatronics

Our Services

PCB Design

Unleash the full potential of electronics with our technical prowess. Whether it’s intricate PCB design, high-fidelity analog circuits, cutting-edge digital solutions, microwave circuits, or powerful and efficient power circuits, we stand ready to elevate your projects to new heights!

Electrical Measurements

Circuits rarely function flawlessly on the first attempt, don’t they? That’s why we specialize in conducting precise electrical measurements to diagnose errors, identify and minimize sources of electromagnetic interference, evaluate the efficiency of developed systems, and provide valuable insights for enhancing your circuits.

Firmware Programming

Discover the world of exceptional embedded software design, where we specialize in microcontroller programming and FPGA design. Seamlessly integrating communication protocols and IoT solutions, we focus on maximizing code efficiency and leveraging advanced technologies to help you achieve outstanding results in your embedded projects.

About Me

I’m Abdulhamid Baghdadi, founder of Rahiba Electronics, and a Mechatronics/Electronics Engineer with a passion for crafting innovative solutions. With a Master’s degree in Mechatronics and Robotics, Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, and four years of experience in working with scientists and researchers on cutting-edge projects at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, I bring a diverse skill set to the game. From designing circuits for sophisticated applications, to programming microcontrollers and automating robotics, my expertise spans various fields. Let’s collaborate to turn your engineering visions into reality!


Rahiba Electronics e.U.
Inhaber: Ing. Abdulhamid Baghdadi, MSc.
Firmenbuchnummer: 607738h
VAT/UID: ATU79772426

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